Special Events

Films & Filmmakers Event with Ground Truth Trekking Sept 28

Journey on the Wild Coast
Journey on the Wild Coast tells the story of Erin McKittrick and Hig Higman’s epic 4,000-mile journey from Seattle to the Aleutions–on foot, raft, and skis. It’s a wild trip that is the start of a lifelong commitment to discover the “ground truth” about the interplay of nature and man in Alaska. Hig and Erin will be MORE >

Films and Filmmakers events with Florian Graner April 8 & 9

Florian 2017
The creator of Beneath the Salish Sea and Secrets of the Sound is back with two new short-film explorations of local waters. Whidbey Island resident Florian Graner has taken his PhD in Marine Biology and used it to show us the beauty and wonder of the waters around our home. Return of the King dives into the relationship betwe MORE >

Films & Filmmakers – Joseph Itaya and “Lost & Found” December 27

Local prodigy Joseph Itaya will be at The Clyde with his new film Lost & Found for a special Films & Filmmakers event at 2 PM Tuesday, December 27. Enjoy the family-friendly adventure as two brothers search for their grandfather’s lost treasure before their family house is torn down, and then talk to Joseph about writing, MORE >

“Screenagers” October 15 & 16

The Clyde is proud to host two special showings of the documentary Screenagers, a conversation about how teenagers and pre-teens are affected by ready access to technology, how it impacts their development, and how to have sane and reasonable discussions with teens and teenagers about their access to technology. The film is a great one to watch MORE >

Film & Filmmakers: Bob Nelson May 3 after the show

Bob Nelson
Bob Nelson makes his triumphant return to The Clyde for another Film & Filmmakers event following the 7:30 show of his new movie The Confirmation on Tuesday, April 3. After being nominated for the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay for Nebraska, Bob takes up the trifecta of writing, directing, and co-producing on this father-son dramedy. MORE >

Film & Filmmakers: Drew Christie March 13 at 1:00

The Clyde Theatre is proud to present another Film and Filmmakers event by local filmmaker and animator Drew Christie at 1 PM on Sunday, March 13. Drew has recently returned from the Sundance Film Festival, where his latest two films showed to rave reviews. He’ll be talking about how he got started with making films, his first experience wi MORE >

Film & Filmmakers: Robby Robinson Dec 4 at 7:30

This is not your typical Film & Filmmakers event. While we usually host someone involved in the making of the movie, this time we’re hosting the primary subject. Robby Robinson led the Pullitzer Prize-winning Spotlight team from the Boston Globe in their investigation of the scandal that rocked the Catholic Church, and now he’s g MORE >

Film & Filmmakers: Jordan Albertsen September 6 at 2:00

South Whidbey alum Jordan Albertsen is coming back to the Island for a Film and Filmmakers event Sunday, September 6 at 2 pm. He’s been the writer and director since 2004, working on a number of music videos, the highly regarded film THE STANDARD, and he is primed to work on several new projects, including one being produced by Gerard Bu MORE >

Brian Moote at Club Clyde 10pm August 15

Brian Moote 2
Full houses two years running can’t be wrong. Local-boy made good Brian Moote is back to tickle your funny bone. He’s fresh off an award for being a rising star among the talk radio crowd at a convention in Chicago, and continues to tour comedy clubs around the country and hold down the fort on several radio shows on KIRO 97.3 FM. In MORE >

Launch into adventure with Sunshine Superman July 18 & 19

Have you ever dreamed of flying? Sunshine Superman shows you what it feels like. The documentary about the father of BASE-jumping plays at a late show Saturday, July 18 at 10pm and a matinee Sunday, July 19 at 2pm. Watch Carl Boenish and others launch themselves off tall buildings, cliffs, antennae towers, and more wearing parachutes or wing-suit MORE >