Clyde FAQs

Frequently asked questions about The Clyde

blake and lynn with oscar

Lynn & Blake with Kirk Francis’ Oscar

Can my son or daughter see an R-rated movie if they’re under 17?

That’s up to you. Parents may request in person or in writing that their son or daughter be admitted to The Clyde for an R-rated movie. The note should include the name of the film, the date, a signature, and a number where the parent may be reached. We reserve the right to try to talk you out of sending your child to a movie we think grossly inappropriate for the child’s age, but we believe the decision is ultimately a parent’s.

We will try to call the parents of under-age patrons without written or live permission to make sure the parents intend them to see this movie. If we cannot reach the parents, we will not be able to admit the student. Since we do not want it on our conscience if a kid is roving through Langley for two hours at night, we strongly urge parents to check the ratings of the movies their kids attend and make sure they have permission slips if a movie is rated R.

Will a parental note work for any R-rated movie? 

No. Occasionally we will show a movie that especially seems to us to be appropriate for adults only. In that case we will note in the print and on-line schedules and in the taped phone message that we will be requiring proof of age for any students under 17 who are not physically accompanied by their parent or guardian into the movies. (And no, your older brother or your date do not count as a parent or guardian.)

What happens to patrons who act up at The Clyde? 

We have a “three strikes” policy. If we feel you are being too noisy, we will ask you politely to keep it down. The second time we have to speak to you, we will ask you to move to another seat of our choosing. The third time we speak to you we will ask you to leave (no money back, but you can call your folks from our phone for a ride home). We may make mistakes in identifying the correct noisy person, so those sitting near a noisy person would be wise to move away or get them to shut up. There’s an exception to this policy: Anyone throwing anything in the theater will be asked to leave at once. No “three strikes” in this case—it’s a safety issue.

Who gets to sit in the balcony?  

The balcony is usually reserved as a haven for adults, especially on Friday nights. Occasionally we allow kids upstairs with their parents, especially if they cannot find seats together downstairs, but we do ask them not to clamber loudly up and down the stairs during the movie.

Can I get a free refill if I spill my drink?  

No, we won’t refill your drink if you spill it all over the floor. After all, we’re the ones who have to clean it up. Please use the cupholders attached to the seat in front of you, and keep the lids on the drinks.

How come The Clyde doesn’t show movies the day they open?  

Movie studios distribute new films based on three things: how long you’ll play it, how many times you’ll show it a day, and how much you’re willing to pay for it. First-run movies are available to theaters that promise to show the film for a period of four to six weeks, show it several times a day, charge higher admissions, and pay about 90% of the box office gross (less a set amount for house expenses) to the distributor. One theater in the Seattle area actually turned over 100% of the gross in order to get one of the Star Wars films (they made a pile on the snack bar). Only a certain number of hard drives or prints of a film are made available—up to 4,000 for a big movie, and sometimes as few as 50 for a small one. Obviously, The Clyde is not a big enough market charging big enough prices to tie up a first-run print here. Nor would you, our patrons, like it if the same movie showed for a month—no matter how good it was!

Why doesn’t The Clyde snack bar have butter/ice/espresso?

Have you seen the size of that snack bar? We’re lucky we can fit two of us in there to work. We don’t have room for an ice-maker, butter-warmer, or espresso machine, and if you think the lines are slow now, imagine how slow they would be if you had to wait for all those fancy coffee drinks to be ordered and made. We also prefer to avoid the mess of that “butter” stuff—which is generally just soy oil flavored with real or artificial butter flavor. Who wants to pour thick soy oil all over their popcorn?

How do I arrange for birthday parties or for the wheelchair seat? 

Call us at 730-7915 between 9 am and 9 pm (no earlier and no later) to make arrangements. For birthday parties we’ll want to know your name, phone number, what date, which show, how many kids, and where they want to sit. We’ll reserve the seats/rows requested until 10 minutes before showtime.

What should I do if I lose something at The Clyde? 

If you think you’ve left something at the theater, call us at 730-7915 between 9 am and 9 pm (no earlier and no later), or stop in at the theater anytime we’re open. Someone is usually there about an hour before each show and 20-30 minutes after each one. We call as soon as we find a valuable item (like a wallet) if we are able to locate a name and phone number for the owner. We keep found items for six weeks and then move them on. If you recognize your scarf on me, let me know and I’ll give it back.

Where’s the best place to sit at The Clyde? 

That all depends on your size (both height and width), your temperature preferences, and your vision/hearing.  Shorter people can see better from the sides of the theater near the walls, as the sight lines go between chairs. Wider people might prefer one of our wider seats—look for the rows that have just six chairs rather than seven. If you get cold easily, sit in the balcony (heat rises) or under one of the ceiling heat vents. If you cannot hear well, skip the balcony unless you’re wearing a hearing-assisted device (available free at the snack bar) as the sound is not as good up there. And if you don’t attend the middle school, avoid the front rows on Friday nights.