Rent The Clyde

There are legal restraints on what can be shown by a leasee of The Clyde.

You cannot show your own DVD copies of commercial films, as they are licensed and sold to you “for home use only”—not even if you’re showing it for free. Copyright law requires you to have written permission for free showing or proof of payment of a licensing fee to show a commercial film in a public place. A hefty fine of up to $250,000 can be assessed to a commercial theater that breaks this law, and smaller but still nasty fines to the people or group who showed the DVD. To protect ourselves, we insist upon receiving written permission (or emailed from the appropriate company) to license before we allow you to show a DVD at The Clyde.

Costs associated with licensing vary enormously.

The makers of some religious or political films, for instance, may grant permission for some church or movement-associated groups to show a film for free because it serves their purposes of spreading the word (or The Word, as the case may be). Sometimes a local filmmaker will allow his or her film to be shown for a minimal amount in return for your selling the DVDs at the theater. But your standard Hollywood film will require payment of a hefty fee, whether you show it to friends at a private party, or open it to the public. Not all film rights are available, especially seasonally or during anniversary years.

We can often make the distribution contacts for you, as some distributors insist on dealing with theater management anytime a film is shown in a commercial theater, no matter who’s sponsoring it. We will be billed for those licensing rights (often in advance), so we ask you to reimburse us for them up front.

You can also deal directly with a licensing company like Swank Motion Pictures [(800) 890-9494]. Tell them your specific needs, for instance, you want permission and a public performance license for a one-time showing to a closed invitation-only, no-admission-fee party during off-hours at a commercial movie theater, or you want a one-time license for a fund-raiser during off-hours at a commercial theater and you will charge admission. They’ll tell you the cost of the license and any restrictions on use of film and advertising for it, though some can be eliminated since the local movie theater (us) will not be complaining about the competition.

No matter whether you book from Swank or through our booker, you will be asked to pay a flat fee of $100-350 (versus up to 50%, if you charge admission). You will also to provide your own copy of the DVD/Blu-Ray. If you book through Swank you will need to send a copy of your licensing agreement to us at P O Box 199, Langley 98260 or at least 2 weeks before your show.

If you’re interested in showing an advocacy film, you may be able to find an online contact for booking the film and negotiate a free or reduced rate. If so, please send a copy of your permission to us at P O Box 199, Langley 98260 or at least 2 weeks before your show.

Feel free to contact us if you have questions about licensing fees.