Films and Filmmakers events with Florian Graner April 8 & 9

The creator of Beneath the Salish Sea and Secrets of the Sound is back with two new short-film explorations of local waters. Whidbey Island resident Florian Graner has taken his PhD in Marine Biology and used it to show us the beauty and wonder of the waters around our home.

Return of the King dives into the relationship between orcas, the salmon they eat, and other parts of the food chain. It also provides gorgeous high-def footage of orcas and salmon alike in their natural habitat.

Discover the Olympic Coast is an underwater tour of the rocky coast of our state, starring a friendly harbor seal that played with Florian for hours. It is also narrated by his daughter Jasmin, and excellent for kids.

Both films feature the kind of astonishing underwater footage we’ve come to expect from Florian. Each film runs about 30 minutes, and Florian will be on-hand at both shows to talk about the process, the subjects, and his love for the beautiful life of the Salish Sea.

The box office will open at 1:30 for the 2:00 shows on both April 8 & 9. Admission is the standard $7 for adults and $5 for those under 17 or 65 and over.

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  1. Reliance Ricketts says:

    What would be an opportunity to see Beneath the Salish Sea and Under the Sound? We have missed them both . Thanks

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