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Policies & Procedures

COVID Restrictions Relax March 12

When the Governor’s mask mandate is removed on Saturday, March 12, The Clyde Theatre will likewise relax our own requirements. As of that date, we will no longer be requiring proof of vaccination or a negative test in the last 3 days (King County, which was our model for that requirement, already removed it on March 1), and masks will be stro MORE >
Clyde News

New Ticket Prices

It’s been two tumultuous years since we last changed the ticket prices at The Clyde Theatre, and a lot has happened since then — including being closed for almost exactly a year. As we’ve come back, film distributors have experimented with streaming services even more readily than before, including releasing some films simultaneou MORE >

The Magic is in the Jar

Every year, we’re reminded of just how wonderful the Clyde Community is when we tally up the results of the Magic Change Jar donations. The quarters, dollars, and larger bills that you all put into the jar are a real, tangible boon to families and causes across South Whidbey. And every cent that you put into the Magic Change Jar becomes an ev MORE >
From the Balcony

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Opening Weekend

When we show a movie for a week or more, people often avoid opening weekend, worried that it will be over-crowded. In fact, enough people tend to do this that the opening weekend is often the least crowded time to see the movie. So if you want to see Wonder Woman, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, or more recently Dunkirk as soon a MORE >
From the Balcony

What Makes a Big-Screen Movie

“I am big. It’s the pictures that got small.” –Sunset Boulevard. In this age of digital media, there are some movies that transcend the TV screen, and demand to be seen in the theatre. Whether they’re just too beautiful for the small screen, improved by the laughter or others, or you something you want to talk to your MORE >
Clyde News

The Size is Always Right on a Clyde Gift Pass

Clyde passes make perfect Christmas gifts (though they’re also very popular at Mother’s Day and Father’s Day as well). In fact they make a most thoughtful gift for the spouse who has to drag you to the movies, showing a real respect for his/her tastes. Here’s the deal. Passes ($7, or just $5 for those under 17 or over 65) and Sn MORE >
Policies & Procedures

How to use this website

People have told us that they could not find out when a movie is playing or its running time on our website. So here are some helpful tips: You can click on any of the slides that run across the top of the website home page to find expanded movie information and a link to trailers. You can look at the left column of the home page for  the three or MORE >
Clyde News

New Prices for Pop and Popcorn starting June 1

Over the last half decade, our prices for pop syrup, popcorn, popcorn salt, bags, and cups have been creeping up steadily, and it’s about that time for us to make an increase in our own prices. Starting June 1 (actually June 3, since that’s our first movie after the first), pop will be $2 for a Small, $3 for a Medium, and $4 for a Large MORE >
Special Events

Buster Keaton with live accompaniment Saturday May 21

Gideon Freudmann will be at The Clyde on Saturday, May 21 to provide live cello accompaniment to the Buster Keaton classic Sherlock Jr. The show will start at 2:00pm, and the box office will open at 1:30. In Sherlock Jr, Buster Keaton is a movie projectionist with aspirations to be a great detective. This brilliant film-within-a-film is clever MORE >
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