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Winter matinees starting January 2!

You asked for them—you got ‘em! The Clyde will offer 2:00 Friday matinees starting January 2nd and continuing through February. The movies shown at the matinees will either be the previous midweek movie or the upcoming weekend movie, depending on which one we think needs the extra show. We’re kicking off the matinee series with the return of MORE >
Clyde News

The Size is Always Right on a Clyde Gift Pass

Clyde gift pass
This is the time of year when more people start asking about how to get gift passes. After all, they are the perfect present or stocking stuffer. Here’s the deal. Passes ($7, or just $5 for those under 17 or over 65) and SnackBarBucks ($2 or $5 denominations) can be purchased at The Clyde any time we are open. You can also use the Contact Us butt MORE >
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How to use this website

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People have told us that they could not find out when a movie is playing or its running time on our website. So here are some helpful tips: You can click on any of the slides that run across the top of the website home page to find expanded movie information and a link to trailers. You can look at the left column of the home page for  the three or MORE >

The Clyde Made Me Move Here

Two for the show
Every now and then someone tells us that they decided to move to South Whidbey because of The Clyde. It’s not the only reason, of course, but it’s often a deciding factor. Maybe it’s the fact that we show movies that you might not expect to see at a small-town theater. Ann Medlock and John Graham were here in 1984 on a cross-country scouting MORE >
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