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The Inspiration for “Belle”

Dido Belle
Three months ago I wandered into a stately home called Kenwood House in London’s Hampstead Heath. I was struck by the liveliness of an unusual 1779 portrait of two young women.Dressed in silks and pearls, they are clearly friends and equals, yet one is blonde and one is black. Then it occurred to me—this must have been the home of Dido Belle, s MORE >
Clyde News

5 Movies to take a Chance On

Every now and then a movie comes along that flies under the radar despite raves from reviewers. Maybe the ad budget was too low, or the stars weren’t big enough, or the film opened opposite a blockbuster and got lost. Often that movie appeals to us, though. We’ve shown a lot of Take-A-Chance Movies our patrons have loved, like Beasts of the Sou MORE >
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