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We Like to Get Your Film Requests

L&B in box office 4-1-11
I’m not sure all our patrons know, but we do pay attention to your comments and requests for what you’d like to see playing at The Clyde. People email us all the time asking: • Have you heard of [insert name of under-the-radar film here]? I saw a good review of it. • My nephew made a movie. What are the chances you would play it at The Clyd MORE >
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How to use this website

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People have told us that they could not find out when a movie is playing or its running time on our website. So here are some helpful tips: You can click on any of the slides that run across the top of the website home page to find expanded movie information and a link to trailers. You can look at the left column of the home page for  the three or MORE >

What’s a Take-a-Chance Movie?

Take-A-Chance Movie
Every once in a while a movie comes along that sort of flies under the radar. Maybe the ad budget was too low, or the stars weren’t “star-y” enough, or the film opened opposite Harry Potter and got lost. Sometimes it’s just a movie that the marketers can’t explain in one sentence, or one that doesn’t appeal to the 18-30 male demogra MORE >
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How Do We Choose Which Films We Show?

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I’m the one who books the films. That means I’m always doing research. I read the trade magazines. I keep a file of printouts and tear-outs of reviews from consumer magazines and from the weekly online reviews I get from the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Seattle Times.... MORE >
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March/April Food Drive for Good Cheer

Good Cheer can pyramid
Food, glorious food…. And even more glorious when you can afford it. Our wonderful Good Cheer food bank feeds an average of 900 South Whidbey households a month, and they depend on this community to help them provide that service. Unlike most other food banks, Good Cheer doesn’t take help from the US government because that would require adding MORE >
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