About the Clyde

How to purchase Clyde gift passes and SnackBarBucks

princesses with purses

Princess Night at The Clyde


Gift passes are sold individually for $8 each, or $6 each for people under 17 or 65 and over. 

We also have SnackBarBucks for either $2.50 or $5. (Our prices are low, so $2.50 buys a small popcorn and small drink).

You can order Gift Passes and/or SnackBarBucks by mailing a check and your order information to The Clyde at P O Box 199, Langley WA 98260 or by sending your request to info@theclyde.net.

We don’t accept credit or debit cards, but we are willing to send out the tickets at the same time you send a check if time is short.