Rental Info & Fees

How much to rent The Clyde for a show?


Photo by Sue Frause

Panel at marketing workshop at The Clyde
(photo: Sue Frause)

Fees for renting The Clyde for a special showing of film we are already playing will vary depending on the number of attendees (there may not be any theater rental fee—just regular admission prices—if your group is guaranteed to be at least 60 people).

In general, however, we charge:

$300 for a performance or simple showing of a DVD taking up to 3 hours (starting from when the renter arrives — typically just before the box office opens — and ending when they leave) containing material for which you own or have licensed the rights (see below). A staffed snack bar, sound, and simple stage lighting are included in that fee if you require them. We can also show from your computer if it has HDMI output.

If we operate the snack bar, we will do whatever clean-up is required after the show. If you supply approved treats, you clean them up.


  • $50/half hour or part thereof of theater use over 3 hours
  • Additional rehearsal/stagecraft time must be negotiated.

Feel free to contact us if you have questions.