Films & Filmmakers Event with Ground Truth Trekking Sept 28

Journey on the Wild Coast tells the story of Erin McKittrick and Hig Higman’s epic 4,000-mile journey from Seattle to the Aleutions–on foot, raft, and skis. It’s a wild trip that is the start of a lifelong commitment to discover the “ground truth” about the interplay of nature and man in Alaska.

Hig and Erin will be on hand to talk about the trip, tell you all about the adventures they’ve undertaken since (including a 400-mile trip with two children under 4), discuss how we’re impacting the wilds we never see, and answer your questions.

The film runs 1 hour and 30 minutes, the doors open at 7:00 on Thursday, September 28, and admission is the standard $7 for adults and $5 for those under 17 or 65 and over.

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3 responses to “Films & Filmmakers Event with Ground Truth Trekking Sept 28”

  1. Lenore Norrgard says:

    Thank you for your Film & Filmmakers Event series! Is another in the offing?

  2. Lenore Norrgard says:

    I meant, is another event in the series in the offing? Thank you.

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