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Second Chance Weekend July 8-11

We love to show movies that don’t get a lot of advertising attention, but are just excellent films. Sometimes, that means that they don’t get the crowd we think they deserve — or the crowds don’t show up until the last night when word-of-mouth is really buzzing. We’re thinking Lady in GoldThe Big Short, and Where to Invade Next. And the weekend of July 8-11, we’re adding two more movies to the Second Chance list: Sing Street and The Man Who Knew Infinity.

Sing Street plays at 7:30 Friday, Saturday & Sunday, and is the story of a young Irish teen who starts a band to impress the cool girl who lives across from his new school. It’s an joyous journey of ’80s music, love, style, and growing up, with great acting on all sides (especially the older brother/rock guru), and songs that we’re still singing weeks later.

The Man Who Knew Infinity plays at 5:00 Saturday & Sunday, and 7:30 Monday. Dev Patel and Jeremy Irons star in the story of an untutored Indian mathematical genius and the man who invites him to study at Cambridge during World War I. It has friendship, fellowship, love, the fear of being different, faith, and… oh yeah, a little bit of math. Don’t worry though, you don’t have to get the math to get what a wonderful movie it is.

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  1. Pam says:

    Will you be showing the Star Trek movie?


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