Special Events

Bad Moms Take Back Langley Sept 6-8

Join The Clyde Theatre and eateries throughout Langley in celebrating the beginning of school, the end of tourist season, and every other reason to enjoy something that’s a little bad for you but tastes good.

Prima Bistro: Special menu all three nights, including specials on appetizers, a dessert, and drinks like The Cougar and Mommy’s Little Helper (reservations strongly suggested).

Village Pizzeria: White Russians in a milk carton (like in the movie) or a pint of beer for $5, a slice of pepperoni or pesto pizza for $4 (plus tax for both).

Spyhop Public House: $1.50 off drinks before the movie for bad moms, $2 off after the movie.

Sweet Mona’s: 2 scoops of mojito sorbet for the price of one.

Sprinklez: Free scoop of any premium ice cream in any coffee drink.


And then come by The Clyde at 7:30 to enjoy some guilty-pleasure hilarity with Bad Moms.

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