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Mindy Thompson: Going a Mile a Minute

photo by David Welton
photo by David Welton

photo by David Welton

Mindy Thompson has worked for us for 11 years, but when I asked to tell me more about herself she tried to beg off. “Can’t you just tell them I’m in the Witness-Protection program?” she asked. No, I can’t. She’s gone the extra mile for us time and time again, and deserves some public praise. We have such confidence in Mindy and Eve that we leave them in charge of the theater several nights a week.

I asked Mindy to come work for us when I noticed how hard-working and cheerful she was when she worked at the Star Store. You can see by this photo that her hands move almost as speedily as her mouth—I’ve given up trying to get her to slow down, and just rely on the same skills I use in any foreign country—listen hard and try to grasp meaning from the few words I do catch.

“I was so happy when Lynn called to offer me the job at the Clyde,” Mindy says. “Then both my parents passed away the first six months I worked there, and I had to be gone a lot. Blake and Lynn were very supportive when I was so lost and confused during that time. As employers, they’re right up there with Gene and Tamar Felton.”

Mindy moved here in for the winter of 1975, met her husband Mike, and never left. They have one daughter, Bailey, who works for Bob Frause’s public-relations firm. (I want full credit for suggesting she contact him in the first place.)

When she’s not at The Clyde, Mindy does office work for Thompson Construction, maintains a rental house, works in her garden, cares for her animals, does art, and dreams of travel to exotic places. “If I had my way, I’d travel to every country in the world,” she says. She and Mike are slowly building their dream hut in Hawaii with hopes of someday retiring amidst the palms.

Until then, she’ll be sticking with us. “I love the Clyde customers,” she says, “and I find my job a blessing.” She loves work best when we’re really busy, so if you like Mindy, you should come to the theater a lot more.









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