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From the Box Office

Wild Wind Weekend — Updated!

With a serious windstorm expected to blow through Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, we’re bracing ourselves for impact. In preparation for exceptionally high winds, we’ve cancelled both Saturday shows of Hell or High Water. Even when the power goes out, we still have access to the telephone, so we’ll update the phone messa MORE >
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How sexist is that movie?

In a recent rave review of the action-comedy Spy, New York Times movie critic A. O. Scott wrote, “It’s not just that the movie aces the Bechdel Test. It didn’t even have to study.” What’s the Bechdel Test? It’s a test for gender bias in films first popularized by graphic artist Alison Bechdel as a joke in her comic strip Dykes to Wa MORE >
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We Like to Get Your Film Requests

I’m not sure all our patrons know, but we do pay attention to your comments and requests for what you’d like to see playing at The Clyde. People email us all the time asking: • Have you heard of [insert name of under-the-radar film here]? I saw a good review of it. • My nephew made a movie. What are the chances you would play it at The Clyd MORE >