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Wild Wind Weekend — Updated!

With a serious windstorm expected to blow through Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, we’re bracing ourselves for impact. In preparation for exceptionally high winds, we’ve cancelled both Saturday shows of Hell or High Water. Even when the power goes out, we still have access to the telephone, so we’ll update the phone message (221-5525) if anything changes. If there’s no change to the message, the show must go on.

If the power goes out mid-movie, we’ll wait 15 minutes to see if it’s going to come back on, and if not, then we’ll close the show down and pass out free tickets to come back to a later show.


The 5:00 & 7:30 Saturday show of Hell or High Water have been cancelled due to expected high winds and rain. Please check back in with our phone message as the storm continues for further information.

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