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We Like to Get Your Film Requests

I’m not sure all our patrons know, but we do pay attention to your comments and requests for what you’d like to see playing at The Clyde. People email us all the time asking:

• Have you heard of [insert name of under-the-radar film here]? I saw a good review of it.
• My nephew made a movie. What are the chances you would play it at The Clyde?
• Will you be playing [insert name of arcane independent film or film aimed strictly at teenagers here] or should I go see it on the mainland?
• When will you be showing [insert name of big mainstream film here]?
We always respond. I usually have a good idea of what films we want to play in the future, even if I don’t yet know just when. If someone suggests a film I’ve never heard of, I track it down, learn more about it, and may even book it. We all got to see the delightful As It Is in Heaven because Kalanit Barson told me about it. We have sometimes featured young (and old) filmmakers with ties to Whidbey referred by patrons in special Films and Filmakers events at The Clyde. If I know for sure we won’t or can’t show a particular film, I give patrons our blessing to see it elsewhere.
Patron requests are a good way to gauge the level of patron interest in a possible film, so we appreciate your opinions. You are often asking for films that are already on our wish list, so satisfying your request is easy. The one exception is advocacy films. I generally suggest to someone urging us to show a documentary on a subject they care deeply about that they just rent the theater and show it themselves as we don’t have very good luck with them (An Inconvenient Truth being one exception. We’re always looking for another An Inconvenient Truth as a result)
To inquire about a film, just use the Contact Us button at this website or email us at with the name of the film you’re interested in the subject line. Give us a link to the review or the trailer if you can. I’ll get back to you within a day or so. Then I’ll save your email, and let you know when the film you asked about is finally booked and confirmed.
You won’t get that kind of service at the multiplex!

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24 responses to “We Like to Get Your Film Requests”

  1. donna kratofil says:

    there are a couple of great documentaries out that you might be interested in showing:
    Keep On Keepin On
    I’ll Be Me

  2. Beth Bakenhus says:

    Off the top of my head, films I loved at various film festivals;
    TIMBUKTU (Mali)
    EYES OF A THIEF (Palestine)
    DIFRET (Rthiopia)
    THE SEARCH (director of THE ARTIST, Berenice Bejo & Annette Benning)

  3. please please please bring in brian wilson story “love and mercy”

    thank you.

  4. Kate Johnson says:

    I think you should have a Star Wars festival leading up to and including the premiere of #7 is it? Have costume contests and let people talk along with the dialog. Maybe have the high school band or Saratoga Orchestra learn the music and play along!

    • Lynn says:

      Sounds like fun to me, but the Star Wars movies are not always available for commercial viewing. We’re hoping to be able to do something special with at least the first 3 (the best ones), so we love your ideas.

  5. Corey Hess says:

    I would like to see Charlie’s Country come to the Clyde.
    It was recently shown at the Seattle International Film Fest
    Thanks for a great theatre!!

  6. Ashley says:

    Would love to see “Amy”, the Amy Winehouse documentary, at the Clyde soon!

  7. Lori says:

    I recently saw Me, Earl and the Dying Girl. It was touching, funny, clever and a perfect fit for the Whidbey audience.

  8. Lori says:

    Great! I’ll see it again if it comes.

  9. rachel horwitz says:

    Just watched the trailer for “Mr. Holmes.” It looks great. Could you get it?

  10. rachel horwitz says:

    How about Rikki and the Flash with Meryl Streep?

  11. rachel horwitz says:

    Just wanted to let you know that we saw “Women in Gold” at the Clyde. Our 31 year old son was with us and he still mentions how wonderful it was to see such a “special movie in a special theater.”

  12. Rockford says:

    Hey, has the Clyde ever considered showing some older movies? Films such as American Graffiti, Goodfellas, etc.


    • Lynn says:

      We have indeed, but it’s fairly costly to get the rights to what would probably just be one-time showings. We tried it in our 75th anniversary year (2012) and very few of them made back their cost. But who knows what we’ll do in the future? Hoping to at least bring back the first three (1977-83) Star Wars movies before the new series begins in December.

  13. Wynn Allen says:

    How about a Woody Allen film series?!

    • Lynn says:

      It’s expensive to get the rights to show most classic movies, and when we showed 9 of them as part of our 75th anniversary celebration, very few people showed up. But if you could promise us 100 patrons for a particular favorite, we’d do it.

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