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People have told us that they could not find out when a movie is playing or its running time on our website. So here are some helpful tips:

You can click on any of the slides that run across the top of the website home page to find expanded movie information and a link to trailers.

You can look at the left column of the home page for  the three or four movies coming soonest along with their play dates, running times, ratings (and reasons for them), and links to the preview. Click on any one and you’ll end up at its schedule page.

You can click on the Schedule tab at the top of our home page and see all movies currently booked and find links there for more information and trailers. For some reason the show times do not currently appear there, but our programmer is working on a fix for that.

And of course you can also look for more information by asking to subscribe to our Monday e-mailed schedule, calling 221-5525 for taped information, Following The Clyde Theatre Facebook Page, or checking our ads in the South Whidbey Record.

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8 responses to “How to use this website”

  1. ginny sickles says:

    Hi Lynn…any chance you will be bringing in ‘Love is Strange’?

    Thanks! Ginny

  2. Nancy Barr says:

    Please consider bringing back ‘The Music of Strangers’ for your next Second Chance weekend. Because it’s showing at the same time as the Democratic Convention keynote addresses, I’m not going to see it…but I really want to! Thank you.

    • Nancy,

      If we get a chance to bring The Music of Strangers back, we’ll certainly do it. It was a wonderful movie that folks really seemed to enjoy. We’re starting to get the summer movies in, so our calendar is getting a little crowded, but it’s definitely something we’ll keep in mind.

  3. Skip D. says:

    Any plan to show The Infiltrator, with Bryan Cranston?

  4. Janet Hull says:

    Can you book the Ram Dass film, Becoming Nobody?

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