The Magic is in the Jar

Every year, we’re reminded of just how wonderful the Clyde Community is when we tally up the results of the Magic Change Jar donations. The quarters, dollars, and larger bills that you all put into the jar are a real, tangible boon to families and causes across South Whidbey. And every cent that you put into the Magic Change Jar becomes an even greater boon thanks to donation matching from our partners (Island Athletic Club; Richard  and Christine Epstein; Linda and Britt Fletcher; Kevin and Mary Jane Lungren; and The Clyde all year, and the South Whidbey Assembly of God for the first half of the year).

This year, you donated $2,271, to which the Magic Change Jar partners added $5,250, for a total of $7,521 raised. That money was spread between six worthy organizations, each one benefiting from two months’ donations: Hearts & Hammers, Good Cheer, Friends of Friends Medical Support Fund, the Back to School Program, Whidbey Island Nourishes, and the South Whidbey Children’s Center.

Thank you again for your donations. You are what makes this community great.

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3 responses to “The Magic is in the Jar”

  1. Mickie Nowlin says:

    i personally want to thank the Willeford family for all the support they have given to the South Whidbey community, by providing services to people in need. Medical, food, housing, whatever the need, you can be sure they have been there to help. Whatever they start in South Whidbey, almost always is shared in the rest of Whidbey Island. The Clyde is not just a theater, it is a social gathering place where people go to feel the love of community.

    • Thank you, Mickie. We wouldn’t be who we are today without the wonderful support of the community around us. We love hearing everyone buzzing together before and after a movie, and laughing or gasping during one — it always reminds us why we do what we do.

  2. Bob Ullman says:

    The Clyde is not just a movie theatre. It is an opening to a much wider world for many people in the Whidbey community. The Clyde is a treasure, and it offerers wonderful movies at affordable prices. Let’s support the Clyde through your admission, and more whenever possible. Thanks.

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