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March/April Food Drive for Good Cheer

Food, glorious food….

And even more glorious when you can afford it.

Our wonderful Good Cheer food bank feeds an average of 900 South Whidbey households a month, and they depend on this community to help them provide that service. Unlike most other food banks, Good Cheer doesn’t take help from the US government because that would require adding more hoops for people to jump through to get help.

So it’s up to us. And we do our part. We recycle our wardrobes, books, knickknacks, and furniture through the Good Cheer stores. We volunteer in the stores, the food bank, and the garden. We write checks. Our businesses, churches and service organizations donate food, money, and other necessities. And for the month of March we’re asking our Clyde patrons to bring in food as well.

All this support and some canny buying strategies enable Good Cheer food bank to always have the basics in the store. But it’s nice for folks on a tight budget to have something special once in a while too.

That’s why The Clyde has an annual food drive in march and April when the Magic Change Jar is dedicated to Good Cheer. And w

We’re hoping our patrons will drop thick hearty canned soups, popular cereals, interesting sauces, olive oil, mayonnaise, salad dressings, cake and pancake mixes, and other high-quality goods into the barrel in the lobby—foods that aren’t always available in the food bank. Last year we collected 1,500 pounds of food for Good Cheer, plus $1,400 from the Magic Change Jar and its partners. Let’s see if we can do even better this year!

Please don’t donate any items past their expiration dates.


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