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The Best of 2017

Each year we like to look back at the previous year and come up with our lists of the best movies at The Clyde. We have two lists this year, one by Lynn and one by Brook. They’re… pretty frequently very different, as you might imagine, but these lists are also fun because you find out that Lynn like good bad action movies and Brook likes musicals and the occasional good bad monster movie.

There are 5 movies on both lists (Hidden FiguresGuardians of the Galaxy 2Wonder WomanBaby Driver, and Dunkirk) and enough sci-fi/superhero movies on the lists (especially Brook’s) to prove that it was a really, really good year for them.

It should be noted that the lists below only include movies that each actually saw. So Brook’s list would almost certainly include Moonlight and Get Out… but he never saw those (they’re both on his list to watch at some point).

Lynn’s Best of 2017 List: Moonlight, Manchester by the SeaHidden FiguresTwentieth Century Women, Guardians of the Galaxy 2Wonder WomanBaby DriverMaudieDunkirkThe Big SickGet Out, and Battle of the Sexes.

Brook’s Best of 2017 List: MoanaRogue OneHidden FiguresLa La LandLoganGuardians of the Galaxy 2Wonder WomanSpider-Man: HomecomingBaby DriverDunkirkAtomic BlondeBlade Runner 2049, and Thor: Ragnarok. And then there’s the movie that had no right to be anywhere near as good as it was: Kong: Skull Island.

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  1. m.jane says:

    Thanks for all the fun! Wondering if you will be bringing the Black Panther movie to the Clyde?

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