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New Denomination of SnackBarBucks

With the holidays fast approaching, we’ve updated the value of our SnackBarBucks to match the new pop prices. SnackBarBucks are now available in $2.50 and $5.00 denominations (so that you can still get a small popcorn and a small pop for the smallest SnackBarBucks coupon).

You can get SnackBarBucks (and Gift Passes) at the theatre whenever we’re open; by mailing a check and your order information to P.O. Box 199, Langley, WA 98260; or by contacting us at

We don’t accept credit or debit cards, but we are willing to send out the tickets at the same time you send a check if time is short.

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One response to “New Denomination of SnackBarBucks”

  1. John Ball says:

    The best deal in town! Always has been, always will be. Lynn & Blake do a wonderful job making everyone feel at home, and they bring us the best in movies. The theatre is always clean, and it’s always fun seeing everyone you know, and chatting before the movie begins. The Wilifords do a great service to this community.

    Thank You Lynn and Blake.

    John Bsll

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