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Florian Graner is back April 8 & 9

Florian Graner’s last show at The Clyde — Beneath the Salish Sea — nearly sold out, and our best (recent) pictures of long lines all come from those shows. Now he’s back with more gorgeous underwater videography as part of a Films & Filmmakers event, showing two short films: Return of the King and Discover the Olympic Coast

Return of the King dives into the story of orcas and the salmon they eat, exploring the importance of both the killer whales and their prey, accompanied by the sort of beauty that Florian is known for.

Discover the Olympic Coast is a family affair, with Florian’s daughter Jasmin providing narration for an exploration of the rocks and waters of the Olympic Peninsula, with a friendly otter serving as a tour guide.

Florian will be on site for both shows: April 8 & 9 at 2:00, and will answer questions from the audience as well as talk about his methods and the story of the two shows. The box office opens at 1:30, and admission is the usual price.

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2 responses to “Florian Graner is back April 8 & 9”

  1. Ken Piper says:

    Are both films being shown at 200pm on Saturday and Sunday. ..Or are they being played separately. One on Saturday the other on Sunday

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