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The Clyde Family

Michael Moving On

We at The Clyde would like to thank Michael Morgen for the time he (and his wife Kathryn) have spent us. When not taking the stage as a hirsute Shakespearean actor, Michael has been a cheerful, hard-working presence at the door. He has always been happy to hop up on our stage as well, enjoying pre-show schpiels almost as much as Brook. We wish Mich MORE >
From the Balcony

Pop Prices Are Going Up

Coca Cola
Into every life, a little change must come. The last time we changed the pop prices at The Clyde was to add the $0.50 water option two years ago. Before that, it’s been… I’m not even sure. A long time. Maybe since we added the larger large size? Unfortunately, syrup prices have been steadily creeping up during that time, and MORE >
Special Events

Florian Graner is back April 8 & 9

Graner 2
Florian Graner’s last show at The Clyde — Beneath the Salish Sea — nearly sold out, and our best (recent) pictures of long lines all come from those shows. Now he’s back with more gorgeous underwater videography as part of a Films & Filmmakers event, showing two short films: Return of the King and Dis MORE >