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Who Will Get a Little Gold Man?

The 2019 Oscar Nominations are out, and while there are some surprises both good and bad (Black Panther was actually nominated for Best Picture — you can decide if you think that’s good or bad, I’m going with very good), a lot of the nominations were totally expected (Glenn Close for Best Actress in The Wife, Christian Bale f MORE >
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Only Occasional Friday Matinees This Winter

For the last couple of years, we’ve been having regular Friday matinees during the winter–from Fall Back to Spring Forward. In looking at the numbers, however, we saw that while a few of the matinees did great (Coco during Winter Break and The Post later on), most of them actually cost more to run than they made us. With that in mi MORE >
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Oscar Winners at The Clyde

This was another good year for favorites at The Clyde collecting little gold men. Not only did Best Picture and Best Director (and 2 other Oscar-winning) movie The Shape of Water play here twice to enthralled crowds, but we showed the Best Actress (Frances McDormand in Three Billboards — twice), Best Actor (Gary Oldman in Darkest Ho MORE >