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Oscar Winners at The Clyde

This was another good year for favorites at The Clyde collecting little gold men. Not only did Best Picture and Best Director (and 2 other Oscar-winning) movie The Shape of Water play here twice to enthralled crowds, but we showed the Best Actress (Frances McDormand in Three Billboards — twice), Best Actor (Gary Oldman in Darkest Ho MORE >
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And the Oscar (Nom) Goes To…

The Academy Award nominations are out, and the Academy has taken some great steps forward in recognizing a diverse group of artists. The Shape of Water leads the pack with 13 nominations (including Best Picture, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, and Best Director), while Dunkirk; Three Billboards Outside E MORE >
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The Best of 2017

Each year we like to look back at the previous year and come up with our lists of the best movies at The Clyde. We have two lists this year, one by Lynn and one by Brook. They’re… pretty frequently very different, as you might imagine, but these lists are also fun because you find out that Lynn like good bad action movies and Brook like MORE >