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The Magic is in the Jar

Every year, we’re reminded of just how wonderful the Clyde Community is when we tally up the results of the Magic Change Jar donations. The quarters, dollars, and larger bills that you all put into the jar are a real, tangible boon to families and causes across South Whidbey. And every cent that you put into the Magic Change Jar becomes an ev MORE >
Special Events

Bad Moms Take Back Langley Sept 6-8

Join The Clyde Theatre and eateries throughout Langley in celebrating the beginning of school, the end of tourist season, and every other reason to enjoy something that’s a little bad for you but tastes good. Prima Bistro: Special menu all three nights, including specials on appetizers, a dessert, and drinks like The Cougar and Mommy’s Litt MORE >

The Clyde and the Movie Critic

We got an email from Susan Pennington Merry recently about how all things come back to The Clyde: “I spent my summers at Sandy Point, starting in 1958, when I was 11. One of the joys of the summer was to ride or bikes into the Clyde along Edgecliff Drive on Saturday nights. Mr. Piper, the Sandy Point caretaker, was the projectionist. If not enoug MORE >