The Clyde Theatre Still Closed

Clyde exterior

As COVID-19 continues to race through the world, the country, the state, and the county, The Clyde Theatre remains closed. According to the Governor’s orders, we could open with 50% of our seats filled — so long as we maintain social distancing within the theatre. Unfortunately, allowing for appropriate social distancing would only let us fill 20-25% of the auditorium, around 50-60 seats. At our current prices, that almost breaks even.

We have hand sanitizer stations, we’ve done a full deep clean of the theatre, we’ve installed a plexiglass partition between snack bar and patrons, we’re working on touchless credit card sales, and have put together plans to minimize contact on entry to the theatre. There aren’t many movies opening right now either, so we don’t have to worry about missing movies. Unfortunately, our re-opening plan still comes back to how many seats we can sell.

We’re looking into several solutions, whether it’s temporarily raising prices, or making tickets by donation, whether it’s only opening for limited engagements or whether it’s a full slate of shows — whatever course we choose will be one that’s as safe as possible for our employees and patrons. Please keep an eye on our website and on our Facebook page for further updates.

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6 responses to “The Clyde Theatre Still Closed”

  1. Chuck Sanders says:

    We miss your movies, any idea about when you might reopen?

  2. Billy Kerby says:

    You guys are the absolute greatest, here or in Heaven. Years ago when Paula and I first
    came here, we went to see a movie, to check things out. Before the feature started, Blake
    came down and adjusted the masking to fit the image size, you know, to GET IT RIGHT. It
    was in that very moment we decided to live here.

    Movies matter.

  3. mark dworkin says:

    I trust you to make the best possible decision, because the Willefords have done such a sterling job running the Clyde for half a century, and I look forward to the reopening when you judge it is safe and practical. I will be there doing my part, as I have done almost as long as you have owned and run the theater. It also seems a good and fitting way to keep Lynn’s memory alive since along with her fantastic community work, she did so much to make the theater what it has become.

  4. Jeanniemaria Barbour says:

    We would pay more for a chance at the magic of the movies in the Clyde.
    have reservations, pay more to cover cost, bring our own popcorn for awhile.
    See oldies but goodies until the Movies come back.
    I just miss my night out at the Clyde

  5. Kaarina says:

    Do what makes sense – we will be back when you feel you can open and do more than scrape by. And it is safer to do so. You are loved

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