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Candy Prices Going Up

It’s that time again. It’s been years now, but costs continue to increase, and while we like to keep our snack bar prices as low as possible, we have to raise the candy prices. Pop and popcorn will remain at their current prices, but on Friday, February 2, most of the candy prices will be going up slightly.

The new prices are as follows:

$1: KitKat and Good & Plenty

$1.50: Skittles, Heath, Snickers, Airheads Bites, Chewy Spree, Reece’s (Pieces or Cups), and Rolos

$2: Junior Mints, Raisinettes, Goobers, Milk Duds, Whoppers, Hot Tamales, Red Vines, Sour Patch (Watermelon and Kids), and Swedish Fish

$2.50: M&Ms (Plain and Peanut)

$4: Lindt Milk Chocolate Bar, Lindt Dark Chocolate Bar, and Theo Bar

Lindor Balls will remain 50 cents each, but there will be no 4-for-$1.50 deal anymore.

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8 responses to “Candy Prices Going Up”

  1. Barbara Lindahl says:

    So happy the bag of popcorn stayed the same price

  2. Shar&RJ says:

    We have no complaints! We’re so lucky to have a theater right in our own community with first-run films, inexpensive treats and comfy seats. Oh and head sets for the hearing impaired. Just another reason to love livin’ on the Rock🤗

  3. John Youngs says:

    We love the Clyde and happy to support the price increases. The Clyde is a valuable part of the Langley and South Whidbey community.

  4. jim carroll says:

    If you loved me you’d raise the price on Milk Duds to $5 a box.
    kidding aside the Clyde is a treasure and a bargain and we’re just excited to have you here.

  5. Erin Everett says:

    It’s about time! You guys have been so generous all these years!

  6. Ann Medlock says:

    I’m still liking it that you quit selling bottled water. The paper cups are fine. And candy prices? I don’t buy that anyway. But yeah, when Carroll asks for Milk Duds, charge him $5.

  7. DeAnn Olson says:

    Your “goodies” have always been reasonable and will continue to be even with the increases. You guys are the very best! We all love The Clyde!!! Thank you.

  8. Andrew Grenier says:

    My dentist thanks you, my cardiologist thanks you, and I thank you. For all.

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