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Oscar Winners at The Clyde

This was another good year for favorites at The Clyde collecting little gold men.

Not only did Best Picture and Best Director (and 2 other Oscar-winning) movie The Shape of Water play here twice to enthralled crowds, but we showed the Best Actress (Frances McDormand in Three Billboards — twice), Best Actor (Gary Oldman in Darkest Hour), Best Supporting Actor (Sam Rockwell in Three Billboards — twice), Best Cinematography (Blade Runner 2049), and both Best Screenplays (Call Me By Your Name and Get Out). We missed Best Supporting Actress Allison Janney’s I, Tonya, although there’s a chance that it will play some time after Black Panther.

Winter Break-favorite Coco won Best Animated Picture and Best Song (and the live performance was spectacular), and this fall’s tense WWII epic Dunkirk won both Sound Editing and Sound Mixing Oscars (very deservedly). We got a few more double-ups with Darkest Hour taking home Best Hair and Makeup and Blade Runner 2049 winning Best Visual Effects.

Beyond the short films and Best Feature Documentary (Icarus), about all that we missed was Janney’s performance and Best Foreign Language Film, although A Fantastic Woman is definitely on our list.

Oh yes, and lest we forget it, Phantom Thread, playing March 9-12, win Best Costumes for the lush designs by Daniel Day-Lewis’s tailor main character.

There were other highlights to the night also, including Frances McDormand calling for all of the women nominated in EVERY category to stand for a round of applause during her acceptance speech, Lupita Nyong’o and Kumail Nanjiani (both immigrants themselves) saying “To all the dreamers out there, we stand with you,” and EGOT-winner Rita Moreno wearing the same dress she wore 56 years ago when she won the Best Actress Oscar for West Side Story.

It was a good night, celebrating a good year of movies, and we look forward to seeing what Hollywood can put out to wow us at next year’s Academy Awards.

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