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Why No Bottled Water at The Clyde?

We used to sell bottled water at The Clyde snack bar, but we stopped a few years ago. It wasn’t an easy choice because our customers liked it, and we made good money from it. (And if we made good money selling it for 75 cents or $1, imagine how much the snack bars at the multiplex or Safeco Field are making off you!)

But then Drew Kampion (of Drew’sList) brought our attention to a video by the folks at the Story of Stuff, which made it impossible for us to sell bottled water anymore. You can catch it here >

We hand out paper cups to use at the water fountain now, but it’s even better if you bring in your own metal or Nalgene recyclable bottle of water. Just be sure to put your phone number on it so we can give you a call when you forget and leave it in your cup holder!

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2 responses to “Why No Bottled Water at The Clyde?”

  1. Jim Newman says:

    The link seems to be wrong; I think the one you want is http://www.storyofstuff.org/movies-all/story-of-bottled-water/

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