Launch into adventure with Sunshine Superman July 18 & 19

Have you ever dreamed of flying?

Sunshine Superman shows you what it feels like. The documentary about the father of BASE-jumping plays at a late show Saturday, July 18 at 10pm and a matinee Sunday, July 19 at 2pm. Watch Carl Boenish and others launch themselves off tall buildings, cliffs, antennae towers, and more wearing parachutes or wing-suits.

But Sunshine Superman is more than just a movie about leaping from tall heights. It’s also a about the life and love of a man with the drive and energy to live life on his own terms.

The afternoon matinee will feature Carl’s brother (and Whidbey Island resident) Bob Boenish on-hand to provide some insight into the making of the film and to answer questions.

As Kyle Smith of the New York Post puts it, “The exhilarating documentary Sunshine Superman, which melds gorgeous aerial photography of Boenish’s jumps with sublime musical cues, finds in Boenish a kind of poet-adventurer, equal parts pixie and desperado.”

Sunshine Superman plays Saturday, July 18 at 10pm, and at a special Films & Filmmakers showing with Bob Boenish Sunday, July 19 at 2pm. Usual admission prices apply.

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