Film & Filmmakers: Jordan Albertsen September 6 at 2:00

South Whidbey alum Jordan Albertsen is coming back to the Island for a Film and Filmmakers event Sunday, September 6 at 2 pm. He’s been the writer and director since 2004, working on a number of music videos, the highly regarded film THE STANDARD, and he is primed to work on several new projects, including one being produced by Gerard Butler.


After showing some of his work, Jordan will talk about what goes on behind the camera, and answer any questions that the audience might have. This is your chance to get some insight into how movies and music videos are made, from someone from right here on South Whidbey.


The event starts at 2 pm and will run an hour or two. The box office opens at 1:30, and tickets are $7 and $5 as usual.

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