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Return of the Animator, Drew Christie is back at The Clyde

You might not have known, but co-owner of the Kalakala Mercantile Co, provider of excellent coffee and delicious food, and legendary South Whidbey beard-grower Drew Christie is also a filmmaker and animator. In fact, it’s his first love, and he has worked on four short films that have shown — to great acclaim — at the Sundance Film Festival. One of them was even picked up by Amazon for digital distribution.

His art style is dramatic, and his subject matter eclectic, but always on-point, entertaining, and illuminating. He particularly enjoys finding a subject that almost no one knows about, and bringing it to screen with his own flair.

And at The Clyde on March 13 at 1 PM, you’ll be able to hear all about the magical things that Drew can do with ink, paper, scissors, and a computer, at a special Film & Filmmakers event. Drew will talk about how he got started on the artistic path in rural Issaquah, and what’s driven him to the great heights he’s attained. He’ll also be showing some of his work, from his earliest project to his latest films that were the toast of Sundance.

The box office will open at 12:30 PM, and standard admission rates apply.



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