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Resuming Some COVID Restrictions

With the CDC coming out with new guidelines July 27, The Clyde will be adjusting our COVID-mitigation strategies again. Although cases and transmission rates on the South End remain relatively low, as of Friday, July 30, we will be requiring all employees and patrons wear masks while not actually eating, regardless of vaccination status.

We understand that everyone in the community has different comfort levels and different risk factors, so we will be expanding our socially distanced zone to the entire house-right side of the auditorium. There will be pairs and trios of seats scattered through that area with no one sitting in front of, behind, or on either side of them. The house-left side of the auditorium will remain open seating, and we will continue to hold the balcony for anyone who is medically-unable to get vaccinated.

We want everyone to feel comfortable when they enjoy a movie at The Clyde Theatre, and hope that getting out ahead of things while transmission rates are still relatively low in the area helps people do that. Stay safe, and we’ll see you at the movies.

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  1. Susan says:

    We very much appreciate all the extraordinary effort you take to keep everyone safe and comfortable. Thanks 🙏🏽!

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