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Our newest employee–Ruth Heggenes

Ask Ruth Heggenes about her favorite part of her new job at our snack bar, and this is what she’ll say: “Most of all I love hearing the laughter of the audience during light-hearted films.”

Born and raised on South Whidbey, Ruth is a real find for us—warm, easy-going, hard-working, and apparently unflappable. You’ll find her shoveling popcorn and pulling pops on Friday nights, and more often once Mindy moves to Hawaii in January. Single-handedly she’s lowered the average age of our staff, which will get even lower when our son Brook officially joins us in October.

Though she’s not yet 30, Ruth has already traveled to Australia, Thailand, Fiji, and twice to Israel. She’s put her wanderlust on hold for a while, though, to raise two young daughters (and a third child on the way) with her husband Jacob, and ease into her new job at The Clyde.

“Keeping my house in order and family cared for is my busy day job,” she says. “I was fortunate to learn about the opening at the snack bar from my sister’s boss because it fits my needs and schedule so perfectly.” (We have learned over the years to send the word out about snack bar openings through the mothers-with-young-kids hotline—they’re usually glad to get out of the house a few nights a week.)

Ruth grew up back-packing the Cascades with her dad and has married a man who shares her love for the mountains. As soon as all the kids are old enough, she and Jake hope to get out on the trails again with the family. She volunteers sometimes in the Good Cheer garden with her younger daughter, and helps at Calvary Chapel with music and Sunday school.

“I love my job at The Clyde because it benefits my whole family (they get in for free), and I get to see so many people in the community I grew up in,” Ruth says. “I enjoy seeing the movies that come through The Clyde, and I’ve even started describing certain films as ‘a great Clyde movie!’”

Be sure to welcome Ruth to The Clyde next time you see her.


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