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New Prices for Pop and Popcorn starting June 1

Over the last half decade, our prices for pop syrup, popcorn, popcorn salt, bags, and cups have been creeping up steadily, and it’s about that time for us to make an increase in our own prices. Starting June 1 (actually June 3, since that’s our first movie after the first), pop will be $2 for a Small, $3 for a Medium, and $4 for a Large. Water will remain 50 cents for any size. Popcorn will go up to $1.50 for a Small, $3 for a Medium, and $4 for a Large.

We always try to put off these price raises as long as we can, and we generally aim to keep our Large the same price as a Small at a multiplex, and we’re pretty sure we’ve done that. You can still get a pop and a popcorn for under $4, or feed a small family for $10 (Large popcorn and three Small drinks). As always, you’re our friends and neighbors, and we’ll do our best to make sure that prices are low. 

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