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Clyde Behavior Policies

It’s Friday night and a PG movie. That generally means we can expect a healthy dose of pre-adolescent energy at The Clyde, especially in the first three or four rows. Ten or twenty years ago we almost dreaded Friday nights because the kids were so rambunctious. We liked kids that age—our own kid was about that age then—but they were a handful. Blake has always believed it was our social duty to teach young people how to behave in public spaces, so we treated the kids with respect and asked that they treat the rest of our patrons likewise.

Over the past few years, though, we’ve needed less patience with the kids. We’ve noticed an increasing politeness from our young patrons and a growing willingness to be reasonable about sharing the theater with others. Sometime after Langley Middle School began taking service and service-learning seriously, the atmosphere changed to one of better public behavior. Maybe the cell phone is a factor too. Instead of talking to each other and annoying everyone around them, now the kids text. It’s much quieter, and as long as they keep those brightly lit screens below seat level, we’re okay with it.

What to do if you’re bothered by the behavior of anyone around you at The Clyde? You can ask them to shush yourself. Or you can take yourself out of the equation entirely but going up to the snack bar, explaining the problem, identifying the location of the troublemaker and breezing back to your seat. We’ll handle it for you.

NOTE: It does no good to come up to us after a movie and tell us about the rotten time you had due to the poor behavior of some other patron. Tell us when we can do something about it, and you’ll have a more enjoyable experience. 

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