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Popcorn Stomach

You know how it goes: you’ve just had a big dinner, and you’ve meandered down to the theatre to catch a post-gorging movie. You get in line, and this smell washes over you–rich, warm, buttery goodness: popcorn. Immediately, your stomach starts grumbling like you haven’t eaten in days.

How is it that you can be full, but still have room for popcorn? I’ve got a theory. I call it the popcorn stomach. I think everyone has separate stomach just for popcorn. It doesn’t matter how full your usual stomach is, unless you’ve been tossing back the popcorn, your popcorn stomach has room. It’s the only explanation that I’ve been able to figure out for how you can eat a full meal and still have room to put away a large popcorn.

It even works the other way. My wife is a teacher, so during the school year, she gets home late, sometimes after I have to leave for the movies. That means that we have dinner late, so I head to the theatre and grab a bag of popcorn. And when I get home? Still room for dinner.

I don’t know how the popcorn stomach works, I just know that it does work. There might not always be room for J-E-L-L-O, but apparently, there’s always room in the popcorn stomach for P-O-P-C-O-R-N.

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  1. Carol Krez says:

    Hello There,

    Have you ever seen the movie “1971”? It won lots of awards. You can watch a trailer at
    If you like it, maybe you could bring it to the Clyde.

    Thanks for all you do,


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