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Friday Matinees Return — at 1 PM

Our winter evenings can be blustery, rainy, and dark, but The Clyde is always warm, bright (on-screen, at least), and this Fall-Winter-Spring, will get you home before dark. Our usual Friday matinees return November 10, but we’ve pushed them forward by one hour, so that they start at 1:00 PM. This should give plenty of time for everyone to get home before the sun sets, even during those dreary days between Christmas and Chinese New Year.

You’ll have to keep an eye on our website and Facebook each week (or listen to our phone message) to learn which movie will be showing each Friday–some weeks it will be our midweek movie, and some weeks it will be our weekend movie. The matinees will probably be run with captions, but we’re currently running a Facebook poll to get input. You can check it out and weigh in here.

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  1. Ann says:

    Will you be showing “a beautiful day in the neighborhood “

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