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COVID Restrictions Relax March 12

When the Governor’s mask mandate is removed on Saturday, March 12, The Clyde Theatre will likewise relax our own requirements. As of that date, we will no longer be requiring proof of vaccination or a negative test in the last 3 days (King County, which was our model for that requirement, already removed it on March 1), and masks will be strongly recommended, rather than required.

Not all of our mitigation efforts will be done away with, however. Our staff and volunteers will still be masking, we will retain the plexiglass divider at the snack bar, we will continue our strenuous cleaning efforts, we will continue venting and bringing in clean air as best as we can, and we will retain social distancing in the auditorium until attendance forces us to stop (we’ll likely keep one side of the auditorium set aside for social distancing for some time).

We continue to follow the science through this pandemic, with the Governor having consulted with public health experts and epidemiologists on a state and federal level, as well as at the University of Washington before making this decision. To our knowledge, there has been no spread of COVID at The Clyde Theatre, and we hope to continue that. Thank you for your help in doing so, and we’ll see you at the movies.

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