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The Clyde and the Movie Critic

We got an email from Susan Pennington Merry recently about how all things come back to The Clyde: “I spent my summers at Sandy Point, starting in 1958, when I was 11. One of the joys of the summer was to ride or bikes into the Clyde along Edgecliff Drive on Saturday nights. Mr. Piper, the Sandy Point caretaker, was the projectionist. If not enoug MORE >

What’s a Take-a-Chance Movie?

Every once in a while a movie comes along that sort of flies under the radar. Maybe the ad budget was too low, or the stars weren’t “star-y” enough, or the film opened opposite Harry Potter and got lost. Sometimes it’s just a movie that the marketers can’t explain in one sentence, or one that doesn’t appeal to the 18-30 male demogra MORE >