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Special Events

Special Events for “Wonder Woman”

Wonder Woman 6
We have a pair of events planned to go along with our showings of Wonder Woman June 23 – July 3 that we’re really looking forward to. First, on Monday, June 26, we’ll be hosting a Ladies’ Night–the perfect opportunity to get your gal pals together, hit one of the many fine wine bars or restaurants around Langley ( MORE >
Special Events

Florian Graner is back April 8 & 9

Graner 2
Florian Graner’s last show at The Clyde — Beneath the Salish Sea — nearly sold out, and our best (recent) pictures of long lines all come from those shows. Now he’s back with more gorgeous underwater videography as part of a Films & Filmmakers event, showing two short films: Return of the King and Dis MORE >
Special Events

“Lost & Found” Films & Filmmakers event December 27

You might remember Joseph Itaya from the stage of The Clyde or from local concerts. I’ve known him since Whidbey Children’s Theatre (I think it was the musical version of Robin Hood?). Now he’s back at The Clyde, showing his latest movie Lost & Found in a Films & Filmmakers event Tuesday, December 27 at MORE >