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Are movies speeding up and dumbing down?

Are today’s movies creating a generation of movie goers who won’t have the patience for a complicated story or a lot of atmosphere? In his book Do the Movies Have a Future? film critic David Denby suggests that movies that rely on swift cuts, explosions, crashes, and an emphasis on spectacle rather than emotional engagement are shaping the futu MORE >
Unrequested Opinions

The View from the Box Office Window

Lynn and Blake in the Clyde box office
Apparently it’s time to start blogging from The Clyde—at least according to the social-media experts. While Blake spends his time in a windowless, metal-lined projection booth, my own seat is a stool in the box office with a terrific view of First Street and Saratoga Passage.... MORE >
Unrequested Opinions

Dressing from the Lost and Found

I’m very fond of our more absent-minded patrons. Especially the ones from out of town. Over the years (40 so far), I’ve never had to buy an umbrella. Last year was the first time I actually bought sunglasses. I have lots of scarves and several nice hats. If I only had one arm, I would have the world’s best glove/mitten wardrobe.... MORE >