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5 Movies to take a Chance On

Every now and then a movie comes along that flies under the radar despite raves from reviewers. Maybe the ad budget was too low, or the stars weren’t big enough, or the film opened opposite a blockbuster and got lost.

Often that movie appeals to us, though. We’ve shown a lot of Take-A-Chance Movies our patrons have loved, like Beasts of the Southern Wild, My Afternoon with Marguerite, Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, Sound of Noise, and As It Is in Heaven.

Over the next month we’ve got 5 Take-A-Chance movies booked. If you loved the documentary Mad Hot Ballroom about the NYC school program to ease cultural tensions through ballroom dance, you’ll love Dancing in Jaffa (June 17-19) where they take the program to Israel and partner 10-year-old Arabs and Jews in a dance contest.

If you appreciate a good performance, come see Tom Hardy give a master class in acting in the brisk thriller Locke (June 24-26). Love good food? You’ll enjoy the warm comedy Chef (June 27-30) with Jon Favreau, but don’t come hungry—he’s cooking lots of drool-worthy meals in it.

A patron tipped us off to Mile…Mile and a Half (July 1-3), a documentary that follows five multimedia artists as they trek the 217-mile John Muir Trail in the High Sierras in 25 days. The scenery is spectacular, and the hikers are so amiable you hate to see the film end. And finally there is Belle (July 8-10), based on the true story of Dido Belle, mixed-race illegitimate daughter of a naval officer and a slave, who was brought up as a lady by her great-uncle, Lord Mansfield, on his estate in England.

You might not like the movie, of course—that’s the “chance” involved. But, really, what do you have to lose? Clyde policy has always been that if you choose or need to leave a movie within 15 minutes of its start, stop at the snack bar and pick up a pass to return at another time or for another film.







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