Three Thousand Years of Longing

September 30-October 3 | Friday-Monday | 1 hour, 38 minutes | Rated R |

some sexual content, graphic nudity and brief violence

George Miller (all of the Mad Max movies, Happy Feet) directs another visionary adventure with Tilda Swinton as a carefully-controlled academic who discovers a Djinn in a bottle (Idris Elba) and releases him. Unfortunately for the Djinn, she’s a scholar of mythology, and knows every cautionary tails about wish-granting. She declares that she won’t make any wishes, and he tries to convince her with thousands of years of stories of past wishes. It’s a lush, fantastical story from an amazing director and cinematographer with great actors in the lead roles.

“Something very different, and succeeding so spectacularly.” -David Stratton, The Australian
“Elba is great as the hopelessly romantic immortal. Swinton’s even better as the no-nonsense human hiding a tender core.” -Charlotte O’Sullivan, London Evening Standard
“Elba’s performance as a lonely Djinn with a bottomless reserve of charm, paired with Miller’s unbridled energy, make this a modern fairy tale worth seeking out.” -Beth Webb, Empire Magazine
“At the heart of this romantically grand “chamber piece” is a passionate declaration, and as well a sincere defense, of the innate human desire for fantasy.” -Isaac Feldberg, Inverse
“Miller finds in it something gentle, ingenuous and heartfelt: like rediscovering a forgotten children’s movie previously available only on VHS.” -Peter Bradshaw, Guardian
“For all the film’s sprawling movements across history, the small-scale love story at its core is what makes it as arresting as Miller’s loudest hits.” -David Sims, The Atlantic
“Those who elect to submerge themselves into Miller’s fantasy will walk away with a renewed sense of hope and maybe even a lump in their throats.” -Randy Myers, San Jose Mercury News

Three Thousand Years of Longing opens Friday, September 30, and shows at 7:30 Friday-Monday.

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