Probably June 28-July 1 | Friday-Monday | 1 hour, 37 minutes | Rated PG-13 |

strong language

When 93-year-old Thelma (June Squibb) gets scammed by a caller pretending to be her grandson, she decides to get even, enlisting the help of a retirement home friend (the late, great Richard Roundtree), and her grandson. It’s another of those movies that is a parody and send-up of a genre (action movies in this case), while also being an excellent example of the genre. Despite what could be serious subject matter about older folks connecting with the world around them, scamming, and aging in general, the movie keeps it light and breezy except for some really beautiful moments between the characters. It currently has a 98% Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

“Thelma’s adventures with her assisted-living chum (the late Richard Roundtree) generated some of the best laughs from any film in the fest, and those scenes between grandma and grandson touched my soul.” -Randy Myers, San Jose Mercury News
“Bolstered by some cheeky action tropes, including twists, chases, gunplay, and even an explosion, Thelma is more than a winsome romp. It’s a real thrill.” -Kristy Puchko, Mashable
“If Thelma was just a parody, it would maybe be a funny yet rough watch. Fortunately, its depth of feeling for its elderly characters elevates it to a hybrid that works remarkably well, with Squibb’s performance in particular bringing it all together.” -Liz Shannon Miller, Consequence
“It’s the balance of comedy and existential drama that truly elevates Thelma.” -Justin Clark, Slant Magazine
“Writer-director Josh Margolin ingeniously tweaks action- and crime-movie clichés to tell this rather quaint little story. But Thelma is not overly saturated in reference-y irony. It’s sincere and sensitive.” -Richard Lawson, Vanity Fair
“It elevates itself through heartfelt characters, a sharp sense of humor that never turns mean, and honest affection for the human condition.” -Brian Tallerco,
“Manages to be so charming and heartfelt that the laughs never feel lazy, cheap, or cruel. Its observations about the disconnect between its elderly protagonist and the society around her are surprisingly relatable.” -Bilge Ebiri, New York Magazine/Vulture
“Although the film’s action tropes are played for laughs, there’s a real sweetness under all the gags. A lesser actress could’ve turned Thelma into a retirement home caricature, but Squibb, of course, brings a thoughtful and sweet nuance to her heroine.” -Devan Coggan, Entertainment Weekly
“Writer-director Josh Margolin imagines, quite cleverly, what a Mission: Impossible film might look like for a 94-year-old woman, but he doesn’t scrimp on deeper issues either.” -Johnny Oleksinksi, New York Post

Thelma will probably open at The Clyde on Friday, June 28, and play Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday at 7:30.

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