The Shape of Water

February 27 & 28, March 1 | Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday | 2 hours, 3 minutes | Rated R |

sexual content, graphic nudity, violence, and language

The monster movie romance between a mute janitor (Maudie‘s Sallie Hawkins) and a fishman test-subject (Doug Jones), from the fevered mind of Guillermo del Toro, built its audience every night (just about selling out two nights), so we’re bringing it back. It’s a beautiful film about what it means to be human, and has (rightly) been nominated for 13 Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress (Octavia Spencer), Best Supporting Actor (Richard Jenkins), Best Original Screenplay, and many more. It’s part monster movie, part romance, and part dark fairy tale, all set in a government facility in the ’60s.

The Shape of Water returns Tuesday, February 27, and plays Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday at 7:30.

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