The Race to Alaska

September 27-29 | Tuesday-Thursday | 1 hour, 39 minutes | Rated Unrated |

The only rules in this nautical race from Port Townsend to Ketchikan are that you don’t get a motor and you don’t get a support boat. Beyond that, racers are free to use whatever type of watercraft they can come up with, powered by oars, paddles, sails, or whatever else they can come up with that doesn’t have a motor. This documentary follows the racers across to Victoria and then up the Inside Passage to Alaska, checking out the trials and tribulations of the teams, as well as getting into the minds of some of the competitors. It’s a blast, and a unique look at our Salish Sea and the people on it. There are no Rotten Tomatoes scores, and only a few reviews, but it got raves from audiences at The Rose in Port Townsend.

“Refreshingly irreverent, boasting a more eccentric cast of characters than you’re used to seeing in nature adventure documentaries.” -Sean Burns, North Shore News
“The photography and scenery are stunning.” -Loren King, Newport This Week
The Race To Alaska is marvelous at not only documenting how racers work around the complications of participating in this race, but also exploring why they do it.” -Thomas Stoneham-Judge, ForReel Movie News and Reviews

The Race to Alaska returns Tuesday, September 27, and shows at 7:30 Tuesday-Thursday.

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