The Lost City of Z

May 26, 27, 28 & 29 | Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday | 2 hours, 21 minutes | Rated PG-13 |

violence, disturbing images, brief strong language, and some nudity

Nothing is simple in The Lost City of Z, but it is fun. Just how close to the truth the narrative cleaves? Up for debate. The depths of Charlie Hunnam’s Colonel Percival Fawcett? Complex. The cinematography of the Amazon? Beautiful and layered. The story? Stretches from the birth of the 20th Century until Fawcett’s disappearance in 1925. It is a story of bravery and passion on an epic scale as Fawcett fights against academia, the dangers of the rainforest, and the scale of the Amazon itself in his attempt to prove the existence of an advanced civilization in the depths of the Amazon. With excellent performances by Sienna Miller, Tom Holland, and Robert Pattinson as Fawcett’s family and friends.

The Lost City of Z opens Friday, May 26, and plays Friday at 7:30, Saturday & Sunday at 5:00 & 7:45, and Monday at 7:30 (Please note that the late shows on the weekend are at 7:45 due to the length of the movie).

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