Horizon: An American Saga – Chapter 1

July 19-22 | Friday-Monday | 3 hours, 1 minute | Rated R |

violence, some nudity, and sexuality

Kevin Coster knows how to make epic Westerns, and this one his his most ambitious yet. It sprawls beautifully across the big screen, scattering stories across the gorgeous landscape shots and beginning to wind them together. It starts with the founding of the town of Horizon just before the Civil War, and then looks at how life on the frontier is both changed and remains the same in the midst of one of the most cataclysmic conflicts in American history. The huge cast includes a bunch of familiar faces, including Costner himself, Luke Wilson, Sienna Miller, Sam Worthington, Michael Rooker, Jena Malone, and more. It is absolutely the type of film that deserves to be seen on the big screen.

“This is the kind of handsome, well-nourished film-making that looks an absolute treat up on the screen” -Wendy Ide, Observer (UK)
“Many of these mini-narratives fascinate, with glorious cinematography and standout performances that include Costner as a gruff cowboy.” -Peter Howell, Toronto Star
“A visually impressive endeavour that sets the stage for a larger journey. ” -Linda Marric, HeyUGuys
“it’s handsomely shot and well performed, a throwback to the glory days of event-movie horse operas.” -Helen O’Hara, Empire Magazine
“Part of the pleasure of Horizon is the sheer, magisterial sweep of the thing – with mountains and buttes and mesas like these, who needs CG? But its texture lives in small, telling details.” -Robbie Collin, Daily Telegraph (UK)
“Costner boasts an instinctive understanding of the archetype and thus elevates the role and each line beyond the possibility of camp.” -Kevin Maher, Times (UK)
“If you’re looking for epic filmmaking which attempts to push the boundaries of a century old genre, then you’ll be very much rewarded by Horizon: An American Saga – Chapter 1.” -Niall Browne, Movies in Focus

Horizon: An American Saga – Chapter 1 opens at The Clyde Friday, July 19, and will show Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday at 7:30.

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2 responses to “Horizon: An American Saga – Chapter 1”

  1. Charles Douglas says:

    Do you have many matinees? Since I can only ride the bus, and since they don’t run in the evenings, it’s my only real option to make it down and back from Coupeville.

    • Unfortunately, very, very few people come to matinees during the summer (the weather is too nice). We do have matinees during the late fall/winter/early spring, but not during the summer.

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