Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga

Possibly June 14-17 | Friday-Monday | 2 hours, 28 minutes | Rated R |

sequences of strong violence, and grisly images

Anya Taylor-Joy takes over the war-paint of Furiosa in this prequel to the smash hit Fury Road. Taken from her home, she fights for herself and those around her to survive and flourish in the wasteland. Both that survival and success is threatened not only by Immortan Joe from Fury Road, but also by Chris Hemsworth’s Dr. Dementus. We’re hoping to show the horsepower-fueled epic as soon as we can, because this one should be an awesome spectacle. It is currently rated 90% Fresh with a 90% Audience Score by Rotten Tomatoes.

“The movie is a unicorn of sorts, a pure and perfect action flick with post-apocalyptic hot rods, gorgeous demolition-derby carnage and demented confidence.” -Brian Truitt, USA Today
“No one is better at making us lean forward to watch chases than George Miller. Those scenes are a lesson in timing, camera placement, and editing (by Margaret Sixel, married to Miller, and Eliot Knapman). They crackle with energy and excitement.” -Nell Minow, Movie Mom
“If Fury Road was a snapshot that suggested a whole world of lore, Furiosa is an epic poem.” -Katie Walsh, Tribune News Service
“It is expertly shot, crafted, edited, and directed, and features a skyscraper-high stack of breathless action sequences as well as a pulse-pounding, metalized soundtrack.” -Randy Myers, San Jose Mercury News
“With a stunning array of action set pieces and an emotionally charged storyline, Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga is a triumphant return to the harsh, exhilarating world of the Mad Max franchise.” -Linda Marric, HeyUGuys
“There aren’t many directors who understand action as well as Miller does and, like Fury Road, Furiosa is filled with awe-inspiring displays of stunt work choreography.” -Chris Hewitt, Minneapolis Star Tribune
Furiosa has car chases and biker hordes and flaming death, but almost more impressive are the small moments of beauty that you won’t find anywhere else.” -Christian Holub, Entertainment Weekly
“An exhilarating and characteristically ambitious achievement that grandly and grittily follows in its forebears’ footsteps, or, rather, tire tracks.” -Johnny Oleksinski, New York Post
“This Fury Road prequel is a revved up thrill ride that never forgets the human characters at its core.” -Emily Zemler, Observer
“This is Furiosa’s story, a legend made in two parts. It is Miller’s opus, honoring love and hope in its least likely setting.” -Tara Bennett, AV Club

Hopefully, Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga will open at The Clyde Friday, June 14 and show Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday at 7:30.

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