Probably June 21-24 | Friday-Monday | 2 hours, 11 minutes | Rated R |

language throughout, some sexual content, and graphic nudity

Zendaya is fast cementing herself as one of the best actresses of her generation, and this movie doesn’t let up at all. She’s spectacular as a young tennis star who injures her knee and can’t play anymore — so she coaches two upcoming male tennis players (Josh O’Connor and Mike Faist). They compete against each other for her coaching and her affections. It’s a sizzling, kinetic story of ambition, desire, and frustrated talent that takes place on the tennis court, in practice, and in the bedroom.

“It’s one of the essential titles of the year so far, if only for its sheer kinetic assurance.” Michael Phillips, Chicago Tribune
“Zendaya shines like a true movie star, and she and costars Josh O’Connor and Mike Faist will blow you away as tennis pros in Luca Guadagnino’s swoony, sexy romantic triangle that finds hilarious and hardcore erotic mischief off the court and on.” -Peter Travers, ABC News
Challengers is, at once, artful, addictive and deceptive.” -Johnny Oleksinksi, New York Post
““Challengers” is the kind of sexy, engrossing somewhat twisted romance we don’t see enough of these days, a thrilling film, thrillingly rendered in its layered storytelling expressed in the purest cinematic form.” -Katie Walsh, Tribune News Service
“It’s sexy as hell. The threesome ignites the screen with their combustible chemistry.” -Sara Michelle Fetters,
“This is a startlingly entertaining, erotically charged movie that hits its many targets with a kind of ferocious and crazed accuracy that’ll knock the wind, among other things, right out of you.” -Barry Hertz, Globe and Mail
Challengers is much more than a sport movie… But it would be wrong to say that this story isn’t about what tennis does to normal people: the ways it binds them inextricably to one another.” -Sarah Manavis, New Statesman
“This is filmmaking turned up to 11 in a genre that doesn’t usually get that drama.” -Tim Cogshell, FilmWeek (KPCC – NPR Los Angeles)
Challengers is a heady mix of sex, sweat, and power plays, the exact type of movie we’d hope for from Guadagnino. There are plenty of pleasures to be had, not just for these characters, but for the audience too.” -Kimber Myers, Crooked Marquee
“For a film so consumed with hitting something over a net, O’Connor’s work here is practically an ode to performing without the safety of one.” -David Fear, Rolling Stone
“It’s far more thrilling, and triumphant, than a simple tale of someone lifting a trophy, or love conquering all.” -David Sims, The Atlantic
“Challengers gets unruly, passionate, tempestuous and downright impossible as its three lovers get tangled up in their desire and ambitions. That’s why it makes such grand-slam entertainment, especially in its delicious excessiveness.” -Randy Myers, San Jose Mercury News

Challengers will probably open at The Clyde on Friday, June 21, and play Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday at 7:30.

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